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Jay Giallombardo catalogue added

Looking for music? Jay Giallombardo’s catalogue has now been added to the database.


Time for new music choices?

With regional contests mostly over, it’s time for many music teams and quartets to start on new music over the summer. While the listings here are by no means all-inclusive yet, it can help you find just the right arrangements for your group.

Check back every now and again for new listings as this is an ongoing process.

Still adding more

It’s a long, slow process to be sure, but it’s ongoing. Check back every now and then to see what’s been added, either in songs or learning tracks.

SAI published catalogue

The SAI published catalogue has now been entered on the blog. Still have some of the BHS and SAI unpublished catalogues to go.

A few more entries

A few more entries from the BHS catalogue and other things. If There’s something not yet listed that you’re looking for, leave a comment and I’ll try to find it for you.

Arrangers and learning tracks

There’s now links to various arrangers’ sites as well as BHS and SAI.

In addition, if I’ve been able to find learning tracks for an arrangement, I’ve noted it with the title, and there’s a new page with links to the various learning track providers.


Still a work in progress with much, much more to come.

Moving right along

Almost through the first batch of lists. If you notice any mistakes, by all means let me know.